AINA TIR-FAX, October 28, 2016



? OSCE highly concerned about electoral reform?s delay

? Justice Minister ? No turning back of justice system transformation

? Loan or subsidiary? Agriculture Minister seeks to balance them both

? DP ? Students? enrollment deadlines, a PM Rama?s fraud

? NDS presents a range of suggestions over the electoral reform

? Certain right wing MPs see DP as a milky cow

? CE Co-reporters for Albania hold meeting with Speaker Meta

? OSCE statement on delays in opening communism regime secret files

? Rama ? Kosovo and Albanian press have contrived Albania-Kosovo debate

? ?Popullation Project?, Tahiri ? How much we are here and around the world

? DP vice-leader announces a range of protests going on in December


? Germany and Albania signs the second interconnection agreement with Macedonia

? Informality. Here the businesses that will undergo a thorough evaluation

? WB grants 63.8 mln EUR to Albanian agriculture

? Farming Minister proposes amnesty for debtor farmers

? Arber Road?s termination. An Albanian Company gets China offside

? BoA Governor with Israel Ambassador ? Financial system, the node that unites us

? This is how much Germany has invested in the Albanian education system

? More than 80 mnl ALL spend for Trauma Hospital

? In 9 months Albanian companies sold 177 bln ALL of goods abroad

? Currency values today


? Tirana city center with a radical changed view in November

? Pray Day held by Albania Syria community in support of Syrian children


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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