AINA TIR-FAX, September 30, 2016



? Opposition leader ? A thorough analyses of the mistakes made in 8 years

? Speaker Meta ? Referendum on residues import is inappropriate

? Political disagreements won?t hamper consensus on prosecutor?s bill

? PM Rama ? We?ll invest on villages centers just like we did for the cities

? SP MP Ben Blushi officially leaves his party

? Justice reform chair ? Depolitisation is the future of CEC

? Accession talks. Integration Minister urges EC to keep its promise

? CEC chair ? There is no time for further changes in the electoral code

? US Embassy claims on avoiding protests against residues import

? Albania represented at the 15th OSCE Parliamentary Assembly

? For the sake of a fair justice 1.8 bln ALL it?s worth investing


? TAP marks start of construction in Albania

? INSTAT estimates a growth of exports to 14.3 % in august

? American Chamber of Commerce against businesses compulsory membership

? Spitalla?s technological & economic development area, as investment of 15 mln ALL

? Law on ?Chambers of Commerce??here?s how much businesses will pay

? 234 mln EUR is the sum of investments gained by recycling industry

? Economist experts concerned about public finances in case of salaries increase

? INSTAT. Businesses industries weights sales down?0.3% of growth

? Bill on reduction of fees for businesses comes to parliament

? EDO byes 5.5 mln EUR power energy for October

? Currency values today


? Albania and Skopje sign twining agreement among two capitals


? Human organ trafficking, Russian doctor detained in Tirana


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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