AINA TIR-FAX, September 29, 2016



? Bill on Prosecution functioning finds common consensus

? Berisha?s mea culpa for his past decision on residues import

? Tcham Party leader happy EU recognized Tcham case. No solution yet

? PM Rama ? ?Cosa Nostra? is the sworn enemy of recycling

? Tcham case confronts Hahn and Kotzias. It exists?No it doesn?t

? Gjosha-Hahn meeting based on Albania EU integration process

? UK Defense Secretary sees Albania as a base for NATO drillings

? Defense Minister Kodheli ? NATO?s base in Albania increases safety

? President in USA, Albanians in Chicago demand a consulate

? Why former President backs residues import bill?

? Government simplifies compensation papers for former-owners


? Vlora Power-plant, a sleepy giant

? The new Tirana-Rinas-Durres railway line within the year

? Bankers Petrolium terminates agreement plan with Geo Jade

? FSA ? Fall of life assurance premium goes to 5.12%

? Agriculture is moving into an upward trend following a positive budget

? Albania to kick off mussel?s exportation based on a new aquaculture scheme

? Trade exchanges with EU member states reach a volume of 74.0 %

? Parliament votes business liability membership to Chamber of Commerce

? Encases from residence fare amounted revenues to 47%

? SSA ? Customs failed to collect 4 bln ALL in 8 months

? BoA ? Business insurance is now guaranteed by state with 2.5 mln EUR

? Currency values today


? Employment, the most critical issue of the region and Albania altogether


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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