AINA TIR-FAX, September 28, 2016



? European recognizes the Tcham case

? Tcham Party leader ? Tcham?s lucky day

? Opposition leader ? PM Rama boasts with the spread of crime

? DP?s petition for a referendum against residues import

? Justice and Integration ministers get EC praise over the job done so far

? DP, SP on good terms over the electoral reform

? General Prosecution, under serious threat

? Simon Peres, a true friend of Albania

? President?s speech at the Chicago?s Council on Albania matter

? Rebel SP MP Ben Blushi believes residues import is a crime

? Meta ? justice reform needs a constant sustain from Germany

? Ruling coalition is fully aware of residues risks, yet backs the draft


? Government approves 1.8 bln ALL for the justice reform

? Minister of State ? To apply a safe law on local budget financing

? BoA keeps a B plan for treating bad-loans

? August marks a increase to 6.8% of exports

? Credins Bank project. Sell existing banking products and building new ones

? 20 EUR each envelope per emigrant to vote

? GEF reports Albania moves to the 80th position regarding competitiveness

? Within 8 months EDO has encased 40.7 bln ALL from power energy supply

? Recycling industry that revives even more country?s economy

? Japan promotes Albania?s tourism for the first time

? Currency values today


? Labor Fair held in Tirana, offering 5 thousand job places


? Minor endures sexual abuse by Iranian man. Sentenced to 2 years of jail


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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