AINA TIR-FAX, September 16, 2016



? New prosecution law dissolves the power of prosecution

? SMI to vote on November 6 its new leader

? Prof. Shezai Rrrokaj runs for SMI leader

? DP ? Health system of Minister Beqja merely takes life

? The President keeps still over the Vetting process

? Law Steering committee approves in general the law on prosecution

? State Police refutes PM Rama claims of no drugs in Dibra

? Vice Speaker unfolds Albania situation at the National Assembly of CE

? US experts mediate amendments on the APA

? DP ? Minister Tahiri breaks the rules of classified information


? Vlahutin ? Albania needs a law on Fund Allocation Transparency

? 300 mln EUR granted to farmers

? 75 mln ALL investment for Cardiology Hospital

? Albania submerged into an informal rental agreements

? Competitiveness Fund, 6 winners announced

? Taiwan entertainment centre seized for a 690 thousand debt

? Albania gets ready for Stuttgart fair

? Foreign investment in agriculture amount to 2.1 bln ALL

? Austria willing to invest on a range of projects in Kukes

? BoA bad loans exceeds 21% of it total

? Foreigner travelers spend too much on holidays in Albania

? Currency values today


? School has already started, but without books


? Prosecution probes on the death of a pregnant mother and her baby


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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