AINA TIR-FAX, August 31, 2016



? Basha ? Country?s economy is growing weak everyday

? EURALIUS ? Vetting process unfolds a new era

? DP ? Police anti-drug operation, just a show

? Arber Road turns into the apple of discord among DP and SP

? SMI playing games with two main political forces

? Council of Ministers approves a range of key decisions

? CEC and OSCE initiate trainings for the Dibra Elections

? Dibra Elections. CEC keeps on accrediting observers

? A lost consensus, a missed opportunity

? Shehu for Dibra?We?ll get Dibra?s stolen money back

? PM Rama?s confrontation with Shkodra Mayor over the stadium


? Minister Ahmetaj reassures that Bankers do not menace the budget

? Italy offers Albania 20 mln EUR to pay the debts

? State Budget sustains 5 tourism projects

? BoA claims that deposits have augmented to 4.5 bln

? INSTAT ? Imports from Germany reach 31.255 mln ALL

? IMF approves the third installment for Albania

? SSA states of an increase of debts that businesses owe to the government

? FSA ? Large No. of accidents justify the car insurance liability

? Currency values today


? Procedures on property reevaluation starts up

? Loro Borici Stadium reflects a new high standard for Albania

? A nation without its doctors, is a sick nation


? Fire finds shelter into the Albanian forests

? 40.000 cannabis sativa annihilated in Vlora city


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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