AINA TIR-FAX, July 30, 2016



? Right-wing leader ? Retirement pension raise, ridiculous

? SMI vice-leader ? Our party sticks to its stance over the reform

? DP deems Albania is no longer an attractive country for investors

? Mayor Veliaj ? How did I shook Tirana up

? Meta ? Vetting voting, we?ll decide in two days

? DP MP Noka ? Rama tends to steal Former PM Berisha?s merits

? Holy See secret archives now affordable to Albanian historians

? Turkish Ambassador ? Gylen institution puts Albania-Turkey relations at stake

? State police ? No warrant arrest over MP Xhafaj brother has been issued


? PM Rama ? Tax on Real Estate reevaluation to fall off in September

? Fishing incomes reach 40 million USD

? Tirana-Elbasan highway. Minister Haxhinasto demands more investments

? Fall of international stock exchange hit Albanian exports

? NBC fines businesses that do not report on financial mirrors

? Commercial banks increase loans for businesses and individuals

? SSA to consider numerous complains on financial administration

? ARMO Company owes 17 million EUR to the government

? Finance experts against amnesty granted by Financial Ministry

? Conf-industria warns the government over the millions USD for Karpen Port

? Tax voucher campaign. Ahmetaj ? No pressure to be exercised on business

? Currency values today


? 9000 cannabis saplings annihilated in Dukagjin

? Gas cylinder explosion in jail brings chaos among prisoners


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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