AINA TIR-FAX, June 30, 2016



? Rama – Albanians and Turkish people are like brothers

? Constitutional draft-amendments already published

? President?s speech in Vienna

? DP never relinquishes recommendation 88

? Council of Ministers approves social insurance draft

? Chairmen Conference?s decision opposed by the opposition

? Fighting human trafficking is a common battle

? This government is bringing the country to an energetic disaster

? Justice Minister – Inmates must me integrated in the labor market

? CEC future cooperation with IAECROT


? BoA-MF new law on banks safety

? Minister Haxhinasto meets Chancellor Merkel

? Minister Gjiknuri ? EDO?s 8 bln ALL tender for clients? census

? Minister Ekonomi ? Subsidies for every registered farmer

? Minister Panariti on food safety ? Mayors will be fined

? Taxation system massively fines small business

? 50% of INSIG fund goes for Tirana New Ring

? INSTAT ? Italy the main trading partner

? Building designers equipped with e-signature

? NANR appeals to mining subjects for online declarations

? Currency values today


? Father exploited daughter for begging


? Airport robbery


? Mother Teresa face to face with Jesus Christ statue


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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Albanian Independent News Agency (AINA) TIR-FAX, was founded in conformity to the laws of the Republic of Albania, in August 1996. It is the first and the only media of this kind in Albania. Since its beginnings, AINA TIR-FAX, built a professional strategy in order to be a reliable media and distant itself from politics and reflect the reality not affected by any political convictions and conveying to its subscribers up-to-date daily, professional and totally independent news and information.
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