AINA TIR-FAX, May 31, 2016



? Western Balkan?s future on the NATO Assembly?s spotlight

? Decriminalization law first effects

? Speaker Meta hosts Alexander Vershbow

? The media as a powerful promotion mean

? France riconfirms its support to Albania integration

? PM ? Law is equal for everyone, no one exluded

? The President attends SEECP Summit

? CEC inflicts a penalty on 18 civil servants

? Amendments to the law on children protection

? Basha attends the 40th anniversary of EPP

? Tirana Court rejects SP MP Frroku request


? Niko Peleshi-German delegation meeting on energy cooperation

? Minister Ahmetaj ? Positive economic situation

? Minister of Finances ? Debt reduction law approved

? Jens Reinke ? Taxation is?repressing business

? Minister Gjiknuri ? 20 KW line in Fier, reward for regular clients

? Minister Ekonomi visits NCR

? Minister Ekonomi attends AMAN Assembly

? BoA ? Crediting edged up with 300 mln ALL

? Two companies interested in Nation Road concession

? Japanese agency to assist Albanian economic development

? Jan-May, 9800 new businesses registered

? Currency values today


? Ombudsman ? Mentaly ill persons need special treatment

? New Albania football?team uniform

? Protect the flora and fauna festival in Albania


? Albanian polyphony triumphs in Vienna Bienalle


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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