AINA TIR-FAX, March 31, 2016



? Invitation letter for dialogue

? Hahn ? Albanian people?s interests come first

? Former Right leader ? A productive dialogue rather than just a dialogue

? Justice reform prior to summer holidays

? We are ready! Are you?

? New nominees for the Constitutional Court

? Plenary sitting starts with harsh controversies

? SP MP Suli ? OK! Send my mandate to the CC

? Vice-Speaker of the Assembly ? Let CC review my mandate

? Left MP ? Opposition lies in broad daylight


? EBRD to grant 4 mln EUR to Albanian and Montenegro

? BoA ? Cancelled NPL to be collected

? BoA? SC approved Financial Stability Report

? Weak crediting

? BoA ? Properties under temporary banks management

? February ? Deposits to fall

? Panariti ? Planting rules not rigorously applied in Lushnja

? Haxhinasto to meet Slovenian Ambassador

? Raiffeisen to seize KURUM

? Retail sales to hit 6.8 %

? Shantou-Durres direct maritime line

? Online sites, ghost funds

? Currency values today


? ?We are losing our dear park?

? Greeks seize 50 kg of narcotis substances

? What will happen to our cultural heritage?

? Refugees smuggling

? Albanian National Team to show its guts

? Balkan Touristic package to include Albania


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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Albanian Independent News Agency (AINA) TIR-FAX, was founded in conformity to the laws of the Republic of Albania, in August 1996. It is the first and the only media of this kind in Albania. Since its beginnings, AINA TIR-FAX, built a professional strategy in order to be a reliable media and distant itself from politics and reflect the reality not affected by any political convictions and conveying to its subscribers up-to-date daily, professional and totally independent news and information.
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