AINA TIR-FAX, February 29, 2016



? DP MP Eduard Halimi ? Justice under political control

? Venice Commission accepts both voting system

? Right-wing allies unify their stance on decriminalization

? Basha- Albania is reviving 1997?s situation

? DP petition on ?Property Law?

? Opposition keeps on boycotting Parliamentary Committees

? PM advises his MPs

? DP leader and US Ambassador tete-?-tete meeting

? Right-wing to use every option to overthrow the government

? EU representative ? Albania unable to host war refugees

? Mayor ? Revision of fiscal package with experts

? Right-wing Lawmakers – No to higher taxes

? Supreme Court unable to start ?January 21? trial

? SMI ? Time for an efficient justice system is running out


? Gjiknuri in Azerbaijan ? TAP construction kicks off in June

? Haxhinasto ? Railway transport contribution to economy

? Panariti signs deal with FAO against illegal fishing

? BoA in difficult position

? TAP to increase direct investments in 2016

? INSTAT ? Exports to drop with 8% in Jan

? Cigarette import, the lowest level since 2001

? Fuel import to mount up in January

? Economic cramp due to minerals and constructing materials

? 18% less remittances due to Greek crisis

? Italy imports to Albania edged up with 18.3% in Jan

? 368 mln USD for ?Secondary and local roads improvement?

? Alpha Bank Bonus Reward Program, higher benefits to customs

? 4 projects totaling 60 mln ALL in Gramsh

? Currency values today


? A speed boat used for drug traffic


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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