AINA TIR-FAX, January 30, 2016



? USA – Vote the Bureau of Investigation. All parties agreed

? Former Minister of Social Issues under custody

? SP Congress says ‘No’ to Ben Blushi candidacy

? DP proposes local referendums on Tirana Green Park

? Police unveils six projects stolen from Minister Ksera

? Ksera stance after his arrest

? Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index, Albania the 88th

? DP ? Leskaj is not collaborating with the Kosovo delegates

? SSC sues 51 former and senior officials

? Secretary General of DP ? We won?t hamper probe on Ksera

? EPP addresses to the Albanian SP

? DP alley demand open lists


? Building Contractors ? Mortgage before selling procedures

? Albania has Italy its main trading partner

? INSTAT ? Machinery, equipments and spare part import jump to 117.263 million ALL

? Compulsory motor insurance primes amount to 8.476 million ALL

? 15 chrome mines closed in Martanesh

? HSC ? Public institutions damage over 125.7 billion ALL in 2015

? HSC report ? 1 billion EUR budget damage in four years

? Ahmetaj ? Consequences of undue contract with Rapiscan

? Economy experts sound the alarm for business competition

? EDO to postpone the deadline for provisory contract

? 15 million EUR investments in Vlora harbor

? Agriculture sector to positively affect economy in 2015

? ALL to lose ground

? Currency values today


? Gerdeci’s ‘Monument of failure’

? 1,000 Albanian asylum seekers to be deported from Netherlands


? Rough Guides – Albania, fifth country in the world to be visited during 2016


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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