AINA TIR-FAX, December 29, 2015



? President backs property law

? New Year bonuses, benefiting categories

? DP, Tabaku – Sour New Year for Albanians

? Frroku Resigns from PKDSH – Hopes on similar resignations in other parties

? Public Administration, all employees to undergo a test on job skills

? DP, Olli – Municipal budget favors Rama?s fellows

? Jihadists refuse lawyers, require cameras presence in the courtroom


? 15 billion ALL less than planned during 11-month

? Financial data for November, collected 32 million USD less

? Government offers crediting fund for agriculture

? 3rd regulatory act for 2015 budget unearthed

? January-November, capital expenses 9.7 billion ALL less than planned

? Durres port, 4 million EUR to deepen the basin in 2016

? AEC to warn crisis in energy production

? Chemists? budget over 39 million ALL for 2016

? Currency values today


? Tirana Rinas airport scandal, Kosovo considered part of former Yugoslavia

? Negotiation fails, no public transportation in Tirana from January 1st

? SGS automotive Albania working long hours to avoid queues

? Progressive fines in road circulation

? Car scrape yards back into roadside

? Europe goes crazy over Xherdan Shaqiri’s goal


? Police officer Stabbed by a 20-year-old boy


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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