AINA TIR-FAX, December 28, 2015



? Basha – The international transparency has started moving

? Serbian Chairman of the Republican Party publicly asks forgiveness for war crimes in Kosovo

? Advisory fines, officers more well behaved than repressive

? Supreme Court leaves Ismail Morina in house arrest

? PM ? Let?s end up discrimination on people with special needs

? DP – Citizens will have to pay $50 million more in taxes

? Media Dinner hosted at Prime Ministry

? A special anti-corruption structure to investigate high officials

? Prosecution initiates another probe on Minister of Health

? Ombudsman ? It?s a shame Albanian state leaves babies die of cold

? Moratorium on forests massacre

? Manjani – Changes in penal policies reduce overpopulation of prison

? Overpopulation in prisons, new integrating policies are needed

? Fleckenstein – Elections a failure, justice a priority


? Minster Gjiknuri submits files charges to Prosecution

? Ministry of Agriculture ? In 2016 new development phase for irrigation and drainage

? Ministry of Finance to make public some regulatory acts

? 60 thousand Greek businesses toward Albania, Bulgaria and Cyprus

? Concessionary HPPs, investments to amount to 1.1 billion EUR

? INSTAT, exports for November 2015 dropped by 9.1% compared to November 2014

? Government ready for the 3rd intervention in the budget

? Finances fail with the debts

? 50 million ALL cut off from environment protection to go to Foreign Ministry reconstruction

? Banks, increasing interests for non-banking markets

? CEFTA agreement, exports in Balkan doubled

? Currency values today


? Holyday seasons, police on alert especially on the borders

? Tirana, another baby dies due to cold weather

? De Biasi, very close to Italy’s sportsman of the Year award 2015


? Some 76 kg of drugs seized in Shkodra


? Albania sends its song to Eurovision 2016


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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