AINA TIR-FAX, November 30, 2015



? Albanian President to attend the Paris summit on climate

? Rama – New recruits needed to advance with reforms

? Foreign Minister – Prishtina to cultivate dialogue rather than polarization

? Basha – Next draft-project shows economic deterioration

? DP, Vokshi – Edi Rama, 120 million EUR to Vilma Nushi

? Independent Day, Rama – Today’s challenges, win war by preserving peace

? Albania commemorates the 71st Anniversary of Liberation

? An appeal for the citizens – Do not leave Albania!

? Rama to Berat – SP?s objective to reach 150,000 member

? Meta in Germany – Justice reform, safe climate for foreign investments

? Trauma Hospital to depend on Ministry of Defense

? SMI appeals to Pristina


? Adriatic-Ionian highway kicks off in 2016

? Tender of 7.6 million EURO, EDO buys energy for December

? Trade with Greece occupies 5.9% of the general volume

? Currency exchange-December strengthens main currencies

? Bankers to interrupt production if accounts not released

? VAT revenues to drop

? Cultural heritage, 593 million ALL, Art over 1 billion ALL

? Municipalities fund for roads

? Vlora Thermal Power Plant

? Albpetrol against Bankers

? Prime Ministry 15 mln EURO more for hosting, fuel and trips

? Anti-informality, number of fines in three months, equal to 8 months

? Currency values today


? Terrorist graffiti in Korca

? Albanians in the World, goals scored by Tarashaj, Grezda and Berisha

? Albanians are legally obliged to declare a real living address


? A Mali citizen arrested in Albania, with false French identity documents

? Prosecution seized 2 million Euros from an Italian company

? Company specialized in processing gemstones suspected of money laundering


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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