AINA TIR-FAX, November 3, 2015



? Meta ? Amend rather than deform the Constitution

? Basha in Kukes – Situation, worse than 10 months ago

? Rama – Justice and qualification of labor force, problem for investments

? Foreign Minister Bushati?s official visit to the Republic of Argentina

? Gianni Pittella – Albania requires leaders like Ilir Meta and Edi Rama

? SSA – Government’s 1 billion USD fraud within a year

? Newly elected Mayors’ declaration of assets, villas, apartments and properties

? Doshi, second criminal charge against Spartak Braho

? Albania Parties split on key Judicial Reforms

? Minister of Labor and Social Issues, Klosi, visit in Germany

? Rama-Pitella talking on Albanian EU integration

? Meta meets Venice delegation

? Opposition leader appeals for civil disobedience

? Vice chairman of OMONIA leaves his post to join the socialists

? Electronic employee files, Albania and EU talks, a priority


? The Telegraph, ‘Albania, new real estate pearl’

? Administration, double standard with businesses

? WB ? Energy reform improved, focus on the consumer

? Haxhinasto ? Priority to public interest

? ‘American Investment Bank’ buys ‘Credit Agricole – Albania’

? Property tax

? HSC ? Economic damage of Tirane-Elbasan road project up to 98.8 mln ALL

? Loan stalemate, BoA ? Slow economic growth

? Postponement of Rinas concession in exchange for liberalization

? MF pays Eurobond with Deutsche credit

? OED to import 7 mln EURO energy for November, price 47 EURO for MWH

? Public debt towards records, 73.7% of GDP in September

? Currency values today


? Students who egged PM released

? Albanian and Montenegrin journalists awarded in Bucharest


? Cannabis from Albania to Italy, traffickers send to trial


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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