AINA TIR-FAX, October 31, 2015



? Informality, Rama – Fight against corruption among tax officers

? Kukan – Decriminalization, as soon as possible! Stop debates on drug test

? Albania reports at the EU, focusing on fight against informality

? Basha – Fight against informality strikes small business

? Basha calls for protests. ?Rama, the most corrupted Primer?

? Shehaj – Fight against inspectors that do not respect the laws

? Meta meets M?ller – Albania, important partner of WB

? Kodheli ? Albanian Armed Forces takes steps forward to modernization

? Gjosha – Steps forward towards the EU, just meeting the required standards

? Today?s DP group debate

? Minister Nikolla – Twinning, professional development opportunities for teachers


? OED ? Wickets opened even at weekend

? BoA Supervisory Council discusses 3-months monetary policy report

? Entrepreneurs, reserves on legal changes against fiscal evasion

? Reference price over rent, notaries against government

? Nation Road, winner to be announced on Monday

? Bank of Albania opened ?Money Museum?

? 2016 fiscal package, how taxes change

? 9.9 billion ALL less economic crediting in September

? Focus of anti-informality action is on large business

? Currency values today


? 200 specialized physicians to be hired in regional hospitals


? Police seized 140 kg of cannabis sativa in Tepelena, one arrested

? 4.3 earthquake degree of intensity in Bulqiza, tremors felt in Tirana


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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