AINA TIR-FAX, October 30, 2015



? Rama – More competence for local governments

? Albania has not asked, has not been asked to host refugees

? Fleckenstein – No talks on Albanian EU membership without judicial reform

? Nishani – We cannot afford government?s ?Jaguars?

? Local Units, Lu – Government to provide funds and power for them

? Meta meets US senior officials – Albania is an excellent ally

? Albanian opposition – World Bank report the most negative

? Lu – Don?t waste money on luxurious vehicles

? President of Republic says that he and his family are under surveillance

? Albania PM’s Hong Kong art show divides critics

? DP, Ristani ? Minister of Defense at drug traffickers service

? Veliaj invites right-wing mayors to collaborate


? National Bank Governor – Albania’s healthy financially, unused potential

? Albanian authorities grant a concession for a partially completed highway

? WB – ?Why Albania lost 35 ranking spots?

? IMF to scan revenues and expenses

? Ridvan Bode ? ?Doing business? report testifies lack of reforms

? Cash registers scandal, business report the delayed process

? EU grants 4 million EURO for agriculture damages due to floods

? INSTAT, trade with Italy, imports to surge, exports to decline

? Currency, ALL gains points towards USD, loses towards EURO

? TAP, Germans gets the right to lay 270 km with pipe system, including Albania

? Energy sector, new licenses for HPPs

? September new loan in EURO the lowest in 10 years

? Albania and Serbia with the highest tax rate in region

? WB – Too much tax burden and bureaucracy

? Local business ? Don?t increase taxes, import toward bankruptcy

? Gent Sejko ? Bad loans reduced for the first time

? Currency values today


? Velcani” Operation, two others arrested

? Court of Appeal keeps Ismail Morina in jail


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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