AINA TIR-FAX, September 30, 2015



? Basha- Agreement with CEZ and DIA scandal are connected

? Rama on Reuters- Albania will issue Eurobond despite low revenues

? Interior Minister meets Parliament Speaker – Majority is solid

? Rama holds speech at summit against extremism

? Tahiri in Lezhe – We will increase police capacity

? CoE on Judiciary Reform – Waiting for Venice Commission, but it is not an arbiter

? Political situation after Braho?s letter, Meta meets Tahiri

? Basha – Czech Veto, Rama’s Justification for 600 Million EUR

? Ilir Kulla – After next elections Ilir Meta becomes Prime Minister

? Kodheli in Spain, meets with counterpart Eulate, stepped up cooperation in training and education in focus

? Kodheli-Eulate to discussion on Security and Defense policy

? Ambassador Jiang, reception to mark 66th anniversary of the founding of PRC

? Wilton- ODIHR, thorough, balanced report on 21 June local elections

? SMI- Political corruption with CEZ. Berisha brought CEZ, Rama pardoned it

? Work & Study Fair, Minister Klosi – Vocational education, a path to employment

? Harito / Government commitment to move forward with the EU digital agenda


? Albanian government signs the concession for the Yacht Port in Durres

? Arben Ahmetaj, French investors- right moment to come to Albania

? Albanian-Kosovo trade, agreement for eggs export and agricultural products

? WB – Modest economic growth in Western Balkan

? Sejko – BoA, relieving measures to guarantee macro-economic and financial stability in country

? Eurobond emit, meetings with investors

? WB warning, Sayed – anti-evasion action affects the poor class , government to protect them with subsidies

? Business barrier, Economic Forum- High taxes, lack of finances and corruption

? Domestic production stops, oil imports to hike

? Albania for the first time in the Tourism Fair in Paris

? Currency values today


? Prosecution requests confiscation of Ismailaj’s wealth, decision on October 14

? Prosecution starts investigation proceedings on Braho’s letter

? Mirdita, police destroy one ton of marijuana


? International Guitar Festival funded by Alpha Bank and Vodafone


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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