AINA TIR-FAX, September 19, 2015



? Decriminalization, five points that divide drafts

? Decriminalization must bring punishment

? Secret Report, Government requests the shrinking of OSCE Mission to Albania

? Rama to make interpellation over the demolition of Dhermi Church

? EU Delegation in Vienna: A comprehensive judicial reform remains crucial

? Bushati: Albania, no longer subject to monitoring process for money laundering

? DP accusations, Interior Minister reacts: “Time of untouchables has gone”

? Decriminalization, Balla: “No changes on Severino Model. No ridiculous propositions”

? Rama?s agenda in New York

? Gjermeni: From legalization to urbanization areas


? Dritan Ylli: Businesses quadruple that provide their employees

? Negotiations to remove franchising of ?Mother Teresa? airport to continue

? Currency exchange- ALL continue to underpin its positions against main currencies

? Light shed on the government?s offer to Rinas concessionary

? 118 bankrupted companies send to the court this year

? New rules for money block in banks

? Anti-evasion: Cost or benefit

? Currency values today


? Shkoder, protest against anti-informality measures

? Protection of the Vjosa River, agreement to turn it to a national park
? High temperatures to lower


? IAD: Albanian?s big role in the narcotic substances trafficking in Italy

? Prosecution verdict to released three former mortgage officials in Elbasan

? Albanian prison situation: Overcrowding and bureaucracy, main issues


? 9th edition of the International Festival ?Musical Encounters of two Worlds?


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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