AINA TIR-FAX, 31 August, 2015



? DP: Document evinces government?s psychological pressure applied on public administration officials

? DP ready analysis of local elections defeat

? No more vacations for DP lawmakers, all back to work on September 1st

? Judiciary reform, Juvenile Justice roundtable

? Veliaj to Tirana citizens: Heaviest fines for dirtiest country in the region

? Veliaj?s appeal to Tirana citizens: Keep the city clean

? Rama calls on Europe: Save the Mediterranean, it has turned into a theater of desperation

? Criticism within the opposition about Basha?s leadership

? Basha: Rama not to withhold responsibility for the loss of 160 USD

? Real Estate, Rama: Plundered properties will not be made legal

? Eduard Halimi: we will boycott again unless our platform isn?t approved

? Opposition?s parliemanetary group leadership convened to discuss on its objectives

? Nish-Pristina-Durres highway project, agreement to be signed at the beginning of the football match Albania ? Serbia


? Another decade of poverty

? Europe to fund Balkan transport, energy projects

? Edi Rama speaks on economy

? 2015, agricultural exports to surge

? Japanese Embassy in Albania

? Ready to kick out the water reform

? Banks to cancel bad loans, 11 billion ALL canceled

? Flux in NCR?s wickets

? Albania to participate in ?Balkan Oil &Gas? Summit

? First 6 months, 39% of oil sold in domestic market

? Government initiative on free economic zones, Expert: Project failed, no serious investors

? ALL slightly devaluated by main currencies

? Currency values today


? French International School of Tirana, a new educational offer in Tirana


? Violated 16-year old girl: ?Daddy, mommy has a boyfriend?

? Some 18 people arrested on the offence of stealing electricity

? Two killed in Albania mine collapse

? Murdering in Berat police arrests the author


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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