AINA TIR-FAX, 29 August, 2015



? Macedonia keeps discriminatory school texts

? Germany to Albanian Asylum Seekers: Come here to Work, Not to Seek Asylum

? Veliaj: 29 nurseries have been adopted, facilities ready by September 15

? DP: Senior officials involved in drug trafficking

? State institutions sing agreement to protect private property

? Rama gathers local leaders of the Socialist Party of Vlora

? Paloka: The solution for Europe is the fall of this government

? Vice Chancellor of Germany: No asylum for Albanians

? Signaling corruption law; protection and anonymity for whistleblowers

? Basha signed the order, the DP group work to verify the demolition of housing

? New parliamentary session to start debates on the 2 bills backed by the President


? Basha: 160 million dollars of smuggling, tax evasion and corruption in 7 months

? Going off from EURO

? Tax voucher

? EDO buys 131.7 thousand megawatt of energy to cover predicted losses

? Flights from Rinas airport boycotted, INSTAT: The lowest number of passengers in 4 years

? Shkelqim Cani: No abuses with miners

? In sieve the transfers out of profits

? Action against informality, deficit in taxes, economy experts: The greatest evasion with VAT

? Business alarm, commercial banks have become monopoly, no impact on economy

? January-July, INSTAT: ?Boom? in trade with Germany, ranked as the fourth partner

? Currency values today


? Bankers: Marinez residents? compensation towards the end


? Anti-cannabis actions, some 14,000 narcotic plants destroyed in Shkodra, Vlora, Kucova and Skrapar

? Postal worker arrested in Kruje, stole money institution

? 31 years old Albanian from Italy, sentenced to 8 years in prison for drugs extradited


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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