AINA TIR-FAX, 30 July, 2015



? Rama: We identified new economic growth paths

? The Meeting of AD HOC Justice Reform Commission

? Justice reform, collecting abandoned first DP

? Veliaj sworn in as mayor: All together to change Tirana

? Rama: Decriminalization law in September. We will follow the Italian model

? Identity card for Albanians to enter in Bosnia

? Albania to sustain EU restriction measures on Russia

? Document / Minister Cuci participation legitimated by President Nishani

? Meta-Crnadak: Encouraging cooperation in tourism

? Albanian Ombudsman on State Department report: Exploitation of child labor a true concern

? Administrators, government decides wages and safety fund


? Large companies in Albania operate with two financial statements

? Crediting encouragement, insufficient effect

? Chinese investments, Durres-Shantou memorandum in August

? Economic development, finished the summer program with Harvard University

? Bank stress test of liquidity, passed from all Albanian banks

? BoA to discuss next week the monetary policy for 1st half of 2015

? Rama: Economic growth aimed to be 3%, debt in stable levels

? Albania-Bosnia Herzegovina, cooperation for projects of regional interest

? EURO and USD surge in the domestic market

? Trading exchange increased even with Kosovo , EU countries leads

? Currency values today


? Legalizaions, 300 names are to receive permission in Tirana

? Germany to Curb Mass Migration from Albania

? Communist Property Seizures Create Headache for Albania


? Shkoder Police, no violence used against tobacco farmers

? Berat, two prosecuted for cannabis plantation

? Albanian girl trafficked as a prostitute in the night clubs of Greek islands

? Arben Ndoka reacts to US State Department report


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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