AINA TIR-FAX, 29 July, 2015



? Basha updates Austrian diplomats with their concerns

? US Embassy reacts after US State Department report

? US State Department report, critical about Balkan

? Judiciary Reform Commission meets this Thursday

? Justice reform, Halimi: We must ensure the independence and the fight against corruption

? Government convenes in Dajt for labor analyses

? Bushati: awaiting EU funding, Borders with Greece? All options open

? Tirana City Council meets on Thursday, here?s the calendar

? Bujar Leskaj in Croatia to discuss on the intensification of bilateral relations

? CEC distributes seats on the municipal council Shkoder


? Treasure bonds, rates dropping

? Investments to surge

? Taxation of gambling, companies can?t open new points if they have tax liabilities

? Bad loans, deteriorates the foreign currency portfolio, falls that in ALL

? 2014- BoA: 22 NBFI increased the total assets by 7.36%

? Agricultural production and industrial fason increase Albanian exports, textiles revived

? Urban renaissance, transformation in Kukes, Bulqize, Burrel and Lezhe

? Japan grant 500 million Yen to Albania for environment protection

? Currency values today


? ?ako, Maxhuni pledge to enhance cooperation between Albanian and Kosovo police

? Digital aerial photographing and scanning of the territory of Albania

? Asylum seekers repatriation starts today

? In 6 months, 361 thousand Kosovo citizens and 620 thousand foreigners entered Albania

? Albanians have no job but still feel optimistic


? Albania Charges Former Central Bank Governor

? New gambling tax law: “No expansion with unpaid debts”

? Thieves who broke into politicians’ villas arrested

? Prosecution: 74 years in prison for heroin gang


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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