AINA TIR-FAX, June 30, 2015



? SP marks 24th anniversary and landslide election victory

? Na?o: Albania stands firm in fight against corruption

? Basha meets with the CoE reporters: “Albania, among countries without free elections”

? Basha meets ODIHR Chief: “We share same concerns about elections”

? Rama inaugurates Tirana Business Park in Vora

? DP greets Court of Appeal decision and accuses PM for Frroku’s escape

? Main Chiefs of Police replaced

? SMI, appeal for Vora gets to CEC. Consideration on Wednesday

? EP Social Democrats welcome AEA’s victory of 21 June elections

? Our job is to prevent Greater Albania, Russian ambassador to Tirana says

? Young Albanians receive Italian experience in different professions

? President Nishani hosts the co-reporter of Council of Europe and Ambassador Audrey Glover

? Ambassador Al-Bader in Tirana meets Head of the UNICEF Office in Kosovo


? Pristina Expoforum puts emphasis on joint projects Albania -Kosovo

? World Bank concerned over the impact of the Greek crisis on the economy of Albania and Balkan region

? The measures of the Greek government have no legal effect in Albania

? INSTAT: Trade deficit in May, 20 billion ALL

? 225.7 mln ALL fund for culture project

? ?Tirana Business Park? to be opened

? Rama: German investment, a contribute in economic growth

? Cani: No risk from Greek escalation

? FSA: Revenues from primes increased by 17.44%

? EDO: 254.574 energy bill payments were conducted

? Government reviews economic growth Cani: Expected 2.7% from 3%

? IMF, Ilahi: Albanian economy, immune from Greek situation

? TAP Pipeline work starts on 3 July

? NANR: Control concession

? Government wants to take 200 mln EURO debts, Opposition: Risky at this moment

? Conf-Industry: Greece out of Euro Zone to cause positive consequences for Albanian economy

? Currency values today


? Digitalization of ART, approved the guarantee agreement with the “Deutsche Bank


? “Fire group”, Aliko Arbjon left in prison

? Oil pollution, Environment Inspectorate suspends several oil companies

? Actions on illegal constructions and illegal power connections continue


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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