AINA TIR-FAX, June 29, 2015



? CEC appeals review for Klos municipal council

? CEC: Ballot counting completed; national turnout of 47.63 percent

? Albania and Czech Republic sign protocol on economic cooperation

? Counting of 20 last ballot boxes of Malesia e Madhe municipality kicks off in Tirana

? Local Observers: Politicl atmosphere is calm

? Meta meets Co-reporters of CE. Election standards met

? Fight against informality, Labor Code amended

? Lazarat situation, Foreign Commission seeks information

? Assembly MPs welcome the visit of the Greek Minister, Kotzias in Tirana

? CEC accepts DP request to repeat voting in Kurbin

? Kuka: Accepting the loss is a good sign

? Commission debate between opposition and government laws

? The visit of the head of Greek diplomacy in Tirana


? Bank of Albania Governor: Greek crisis will not affect our economy

? Deniz Deralla: No risk from Greece

? Luljeta Minxhozi: Greek bankruptcy, gradual consequences

? 65.9 mln EURO for road safety

? Harbor, agreement with EIB amended twice

? Wheat production to increase

? Greek crises, MF reacts

? Evaluation of financial risk, Albania swamped up to 6 positions

? Experts: Albania got used with Greek crises, but?

? Albanian economic activity to hike

? Banks Association: Our banking system not effected by Greek crises

? NANR: Mineral permits, administration and monitoring with electronic system

? 6-months 2015 insurances, Sigal to fall short, Sigma Inter-Albania to mount up

? Energy with Greece

? Currency values today


? Aliko Brothers arrested, for allegedly killing RENEA police officer

? Aliko brothers interrogated in Tirana

? Court of Appeals: Prison for life for Arben Frroku


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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