AINA TIR-FAX, May 29, 2015



? Vucic calls on Serbian investors to visit Albania through Serbian State Television

? US State Department greets PM Vucic visit in Tirana

? Meta: Visit of Vucic successful, positive message to region and EU

? CRCA: Albania, among the last countries in Europe to women running in elections

? Albanian government discuss with the OSCE about the local government elections with the new territorial division

? Opening of the secret files law to enter soon into force

? DP requires the removal of SP MP Koco Kok?dhim?n mandate

? What may be required in Vienna?

? Veliaj: Focused on everyday problems

? Allies accuse DP for violating the agreement

? Basha: On 21 June to ban evil and pave the way to employment

? Final lists, June 21, 3,370,206 voters vote

? Veliaj: Here is my plan on Tirana infrastructure

? Meta meets mayor of Palermo, OK on joint projects

? Kodheli-Kryemadhi: Women’s participation in politics, bring another spirit development


? Minerals, electricity, textiles and footwear lead Albanian exports

? Investors show interest for Spitalla

? Rama: Support to business

? LUIAIAC: 580 legalizations in Elbasan

? Fasons: We are in trouble, tax increase is putting us out of market

? Government to employ 500 part time tax employees

? 200 organic farms ready for international certification

? Insurances race, Sigal on top, Sigma Inter-Albanian at the bottom

? Tourists from Kosovo, Macedonia and Monte Negro lead by 62.5%

? Minerals, energy, textiles and shoes on top of Albanian exports

? Minister of Finances, Cani, to insect work in Morina custom terminal

? January-April: Credit falling, missing oxygen for economy

? Currency values today


? OSCE project to boost public dialogue on the Albania communist past

? Ministry of Interior issues the first passport for refugees in Albania

? Rama visits the Employment Fair: vocational education a revolution


? Subsecuent trial against DP MP Edi Paloka


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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