AINA TIR-FAX, April 7, 2015



? Meta speaks to encourage Saudi investment in Albania

? HIDA, criminal charges against Bodes for “denial of declaration of assets”

? Kok?dhima MP mandate, the Council postpones decision

? CEC project examines important decisions

? Minister Tahiri: A wide range anti-cannabis operation

? Secret files of the regime, government variant approved

? Vasili: ‘Bankers’ responsibility for the disaster

? Minister of Health, Ilir Beqja in Marinez

? Judiciary reform- Experts offer alternatives, the government decides


? Businesses in Albania object the government decision for public holidays

? Institute of Statistics: Annual increase for services, industry, agriculture; construction declines

? Experts: ?Bankers? responsible for explosions

? Energy debtors, seizure for debt over 150 thousand ALL

? Loans for plots and machineries, the main business investments

? Falling global oil prices, the impact on the reduction of Albanian exports

? Draft-law on gambling, interest groups oppose

? NANR: ‘Bankers’ has paid off investments, should pay profit tax

? ?Bankers? responses to Brace: We are transparent in our business activity

? An increase of credit costs in USD

? Privatization of INSIG, a change in the law

? Currency values today


? Crime in Vlora, three dead and one injured

? Terrorism charges, imams curse the judges: perish inshallah


? Computerization of schools with tablets, Rama: a new stage of a radical transformation

? NFA appeals to citizens: Consume safe and controlled food

? Pensioners, how to benefit from the compensation scheme


? A stadium of European standards in the Albanian northern center


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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