AINA TIR-FAX, April 29, 2015



? Meta calls for strengthening of legal parameters to protect privacy

? Public Works of Urban Renaissance Site presented

? Rama visit to Istanbul, the guest of honor at the “Sofra of Ideas?

? ?Opening of secret files? law to be submitted on Thursday

? Political debate about the visit of the Albanian PM in Turkey

? Albania, Kosovo failing to cooperate in all fields

? Incidents in FYROM cause clashes between Tirana and Moscow

? Gjergj Bojaxhi submits signatures for registration in CEC

? Jeziorski: Conditioning, indispensable instrument for reforms

? Lu again call: Provide democracy, outsiders do for you

? Negotiations with TIA for the opening of local airports in Albania


? 2% drop of exports in the first quarter in Albania

? Meta: Construction not to be considered anymore a base of economic growth

? 6.5 million Euro of grand for the farmers of 6 districts

? Energy, mortgage burden for debiting businesses not for families

? BoA report, Sejko: economy increased by 0.4% in 2014 compared to 2013

? Panariti-Shamir: Israel will support the widening of greenhouses areas in Albania

? BoA to discuss on May the interest norm of ALL

? The deadline of filling annual individual declaration of incomes of 2014 expires tomorrow

? Fees unification lowers energy consumption

? New energy draft, Shalsi: ERE to monitor the process of meters device

? BoA, information on commissions and interest norms for services and products offered from banks

? Currency values today


? Allocation of CEZ debt Fraud

? Two businessmen handcuffed for stealing energy


? Opening of Job Fair Veliaj: In 18 months Employment Promotion Fund 6-times more

? War against terrorism, Tahiri: No more bureaucracies among the Balkan countries

? Activity elderly, technological innovation gap

? Freedom House publishes report on media freedom

? Students of Marinza in protest


? Appeal on the preservation of cultural monuments


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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