AINA TIR-FAX, March 31, 2015



? Artan Didi resigns as Head of State Police

? Tahiri reacts to Didi resignation: ?All citizens are equal before the law, Didi un example of responsibility?

? The head of Interpol Tirana and an Officer arrested for withholding the Belgium file on MP Frroku

? Opposition leader will not run again for Tirana Mayor

? Rama: ?Civic Alliance for the local elections, there is room for other voices?

? SP’s Rama meets SMI’s Meta to discuss joint platform for June 21 local elections

? CEC approves draft decision on five political parties? registration for local elections

? Meta meets Danish Attorney General Sorensen

? From rhetoric to reality/ Donald Lu: Real men are not afraid of women

? Council of Mandates considers request to arrest MP Frroku over murder in Belgium

? DP: Majority against decriminalization / Balla accuses Lulzim Basha

? Macoveit urge: ?Incriminated officials to be dissmised?

? Belgium not satisfied with Frroku?s proceeding

? The details why the General Attorney demands an authorization for MP Frroku?s arrest

? Finance Minister rejects DP proposal on reduction of traffic circulation tax

? Netherlands will support Albania in the integration process


? Finance Minister rejects DP proposal on reduction of traffic circulation tax

? Energy Distribution Operator: Innovative investments estimated at 5 million USD

? Property acquisition in Strasbourg Court, MF 300 million ALL to the land owners

? EU integration, the rules of financial assistance implementation in Albania

? BoA: Growing deposits in February

? Today, the deadline for submitting relief contracts with EDO

? Cani: No renewal of contract with Crown Agents

? Finances demand business proposals for 2016 within March

? Currency values today


? Interpol high-rank officers held by police


? KURUM: Ambassador Bajraktar speaks in Elbasan

? Rama: Let?s turn legalizations into active assets for the Albanians


? Vlore: US Ambassador visits the American Library Corner


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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