AINA TIR-FAX, March 30, 2015



? Second request for arrest of Frroku, meeting postponed for Tuesday

? Italy, Prime Minister Rama: Macroregional strategies, bedrock of national strategies

? Protest in Kuk?s-Basha: Time to vote is approaching!

? Supreme Court to decide on Durim Bami

? Decriminalization is a national emergency, says leader of Albanian opposition

? ?To find a solution outside of Europe is the same as to find a solution outside of history?

? Rama: together with PJU to the 21 June local elections

? Gjergji Bojaxhi in the race for Tirana

? Locals: DP gathers is allies. Spaho: We are late

? Elections: candidacies list toward conclusion

? Elections: Local Monitoring Coalition: KZAZ not yet established

? Opening of communist-era files/Government draft law approved

? Belgian Ambassador says it is up to Albanian justice to handle issue of murder charges against Frroku


? World Bank: Accidents have an annual cost of 130 million Euros for Albania

? Harito: The new bill on postal service demands market liberalization

? Institute of Statistics: Imports increased in February, the trade deficit widens sharply

? Meta: Public-private partnership, the path towards economic growth

? Local government units allocated 1.2 million ALL for January-February

? USAID supports investments in Dibra for fruit processing

? Cani: “Duty free shops’ to promote tourism and foreign investments

? Durres, 11.2 million ALL for the rehabilitation of the road within port

? 8.9 billion ALL for the reimbursed medicaments

? Tirana Municipality requires fund from tax authorities

? Currency values today


? Doshi’s allegations: Durim Bami remanded in prison

? More than 4256 suspected corruption cases reported via anti-corruption portal since February

? Albanian ISIS recruiter to be extradited from Italy


? Anti-smoking law, SHI fines 3 million ALL


? Albania head off Armenia threat


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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