AINA TIR-FAX, March 24, 2015



? The Fifth Round of the EU-Albania High-Level Dialogue to be held Tuesday in Tirana

? Albanian PM strongly criticizes the EU about its stance on Kosovo

? Rama on Kosovo?s visas

? Mustafa avoids criticism

? 11 agreements between the two governments are signed

? PM Rama hosts Hahn: The reforms are moving on

? Commissioner Hahn in Tirana: Hope reducing political tension

? Prosecutor who helped Croatia in the EU visits Albania

? Croatian Chief-Prosecutor: ?War against corruption requires determination and courage?

? Proposal of women MPs for gender equality refuted

? Council of Mandates leaves two days to Tom Doshi to explain

? Meta praises the WB financial and energy consultancy

? Parliament decriminalization to be achieved by changing the Constitution

? Doshi: New facts showing manipulation of witnesses


? Free economic zone with no taxes for 35 years in the Albanian coast

? Albanian loan, the largest banks in a race to credit 250 million Euros

? Economic commitment between Albania and Kosovo

? Telecommunications and Postal Authority announces the winning bid for new frequencies

? Minister of Transport and Infrastructure in the W6 ministerial

? AIDA to start financing new enterprises

? BoA launched 28.21 billion ALL in the market the previous trimester

? SWAP Agreements – BoA: Foreign currency purchases reach 28.1 million ALL

? World Bank to grant 32 million Euros for health system

? Currency values today


? Illiteracy among Albania’s Roma children at an alarming 40%


? ?Spring of Francophone?/ Photo exhibition ?Miracles of the Romanian heritage? staged at EU Centre


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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