AINA TIR-FAX, March 11, 2015



? The alleged plan for the murder of two Albanian MPs brings Brussels back into the ?game?

? Basha expresses his concerns to the EU

? Brussels suggests an international inquiry

? Tannock: If the accusations are proven, the country may see instability

? PM Rama meets Speaker of Parliament amid political tension in Albania

? Vasili: Shocking facts within 24 hours

? Doshi: Investigations are being compromised. I will request international experts

? Kryemadhi at the Prosecution: Ready to confront Tom Doshi

? Ristani: Rama and Meta, in panic because of massive protest

? Interior Ministry responds to Ristani: Case is under investigation. Stop slandering

? SP MPs oppose PM’s proposal on diplomatic service

? MPs ask sanctions on Hydropower Plants investors

? American Embassy: List of 9 MPs declared non-grata, fake and unreal

? Nishani: Albania to strengthen cooperation with Qatar


? Kosovo and Albania, one single trade area for energy

? Privatization vouchers validity to be postponed till 2016

? OSHEE: In February, double fee payments

? Currency values today


? A large amount of marijuana and cocaine seized in Italy, 17 Albanians arrested

? Doshi’s allegations: Fatjon Skenderi testifies before prosecutors

? Albania?s tourism receives a decent presentation in the Berlin Fair

? Police, strict controls for protest

? Rrokaj: Draft on universities violates academic independence

? Online and offline speech of hate and the role of diplomacy in the Balkans

? Pensions: Number of contributors increased

? Rama delivers 600 land certificates in ?Don Bosko?


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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