AINA TIR-FAX, February 25, 2015



? Decriminalization of Albanian Parliament kicks off, will MPs punish themselves?

? Critical voices within the majority, socialist MP: Changes must be made in the government

? Fayon: Surprising steps for reforms. Congratulations to Albania

? EP drafts resolution of recommendations for Albania

? 5 priorities for negotiations, Fleckenstein defends report in EP, “Reforms in Albania are ambitious”

? Fourth visit of Tony Blair to Tirana

? Amends to Election Code: Tirana to have 18 ballot counting centers

? Rama and Meta meet to discuss candidates for municipal elections

? MPs hear government’s candidate for BoA’s Supervisory Board

? Inquiry Commission on Tax Server: DP calls on institutions to deliver information


? Government liquidates 40.5 billion ALL of delayed payments out of 72.6 billion in total

? Interconnection project, the key to Albania energy recovery

? WB: 1.1 billion USD of investments for the next 5 years

? WB: We support the energy reform

? Employment fund 2015 to train 6000 unemployed

? Ministry of Finance: 26.378 million ALL in the state budget

? Currency values today


? TNT explosion in Sauk causes damages, no victims reported

? Several hurt in Tirana bus crash, drunk driver arrested

? Mayor of Gjirokaser reacts after accusations

? Inspectorate accused Mayor of Peshkopia, he denies


? Doctors and nurses protest against testing in front of PM’s office

? Court orders AMC to remove its antenna from apartment building

? Amnesty International: Domestic violence still high. Women withdraw charges

? Shkoder citizens flock in queues to pay energy before deadline

? Draft resolution on blood feud prevention approved

? Ombudsman calls for thorough investigation into Kavaja police violence


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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