AINA TIR-FAX, January 30, 2015


? France and Germany: Asylum will be granted only on political grounds

? Berisha: “You turned Albania into Europe’s Columbia. Rama: Results show another story”

? Inquiry committee on appointments in public administration established

? PM Rama: Lin Promenade to end before tourist season

? DP: Spain incident shows Army’s involvement in drug trafficking

? Speaker of Parliament Meta meets Danielsson: Congratulations for the December agreement

? Minister of Innovation Harito: Civil servants dismissed cost 20 million ALL to the state


? Economy Commission approves Gent Sejko as BoA Governor – Parliament to have its last say

? Treasury bond, Banks of Commerce to have lower demands

? Currency values today


? Recruit of pilot Feka, suspicions on his brother-in-law

? Army: Spain incident does not stain our commitment

? Tirana Municipality sues INUK head for “false charges”

? Albanian citizen convicted of murder extradited from Italy

? ?Cocaine?, the convicted require to be released. The first trial to be held on February 6


? A woman abandons her family, she takes her son to fight in Syria

? Terrorism, Albania and Kosovo decide to join efforts

? Kosovo involved in European investigations

? Tahiri-Hyseni: War against every tendency for radicalism

? Extra lesson from Paris

? Albanians in the ISIS fights

? NGOs who support ISIS in Kosovo

? Instigators of terrorism in the recent protests


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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