AINA TIR-FAX, September 29, 2014



? EU’s Fule: Maturity is necessary for new responsibilities

? Fyle: Opposition must interrupt boycott, comprehensiveness is required for the reforms

? Fyle: Political debate, not on the streets

? Basha: DP officials were complacent

? Berisha follows a different tactic to Basha

? Agreement with the government?

? DP statute changes

? Two questions raised in the National Assembly of DP

? Is the DP ready?

? Municipality of Tirana complains in Slovenia over ?a blockade to major projects?

? Basha and Rama retort in distance

? What is happening with projects?

? Government intervenes with investments in municipalities


? The fund for the employment encourage, 345 businesses benefit

? Private HPPs: The government is attacking us

? Currency values today


? NUCI starts action to demolish 600 illegal buildings

? Shkodra, 19-year-old boy stabbed

? 50 year old involved in accident


? 18 thousand newly accepted students in public universities

? Accreditation of laboratories, healthcare and companies under process

? Shoe workers on protest

? Compensation of former political prisoners, money saved up to three years

? Award for Muslims who built a church

? Support for the scientific research


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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