AINA TIR-FAX, August 29, 2014



? “Balkan closer to the EU”

? Rama-Merkel: Spying news not influencing relations

? Opposition comments for the first time the heist at the Bank of Albania

? Brace: The theft is a big problem, BoA refuses to provide information

? Prime Minister, Rama does the inspector in Rinas airport, courier of dirty money

? Former prime minister Sali Berisha: Country is being led towards chaos and insecurity


? IMF meeting with the Minister of Finances

? IMF, the Bank Theft is a huge scandal

? Fasson industry an economic surprise

? Roaming charges in the region to be abolished staring 2015

? Currency values today


? The Shkoder Police arrested Mhill Demaj, 57, resident of the Grune e Re village, Shkoder

? The attempted attack in Vlora, 19-year-old girl still in danger for the life

? Fier, 49-year-old man shot with gunfire in a coffee bar

? Fushe-Kruje, warehouse with construction materials burned, 20 buildings in danger

? 9-day anti-cannabis operation in Dukagjin, the ones who shot the helicopter still in jail

? 350 euros for a work in Kazakistan, deceiver arrested


? Citizens must be responsible for the accidents

? Water Supply Enterprise announces restrictions in Tirana

? The new curriculum, 350 teachers risk their workplace


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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