AINA TIR-FAX, August 23, 2014



? The theft in the BoA, Brace: Fullani is impeding the truth to come out

? Accusations for illegal permits, SP: Basha is destroying the park

? War against terrorists


? Builders punished with the changes in legislation

? Currency values today


? Lazarat scheme in Northern Albania
? Gunshots against police during anti-drug operation, 100 thousand Euros for informants

? Lushnje, road accident, 4 people injured

? Korce, bus with passengers crashes with a car, driver injured

? Elbasan, 53-year-old man wounded by gunfire because of old conflicts

? Super theft of the bank, nephew of former- chief of Stok Ark in the Treasury of State ‘carrier’ of millions


? Tourism in Albania, between informality and efforts to achieve standards

? Minister Gjermeni: A national plan for tourism

? Queues on the border but not as long as in the past

? Information offices, authorities are still proud of opening them

? We also have adventure tourism

? Once upon a time there was tourism?

? Vocational schools, Veliaj: This diploma offers employment

? German tourists stop their holidays to fix school

? Changes in Tirana Police, another person assigned as vice-director

? Universities, Ministry of Education and Sports: No students enrolled in three years

? Law enters in vigor today, 50 thousand Lek for smokers

? Contest for the monument of communism victims announced by municipality, here are the criteria


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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