AINA TIR-FAX July 31, 2014



? Direct democracy

? Albania closes its embassies in Lisbon, New Delhi, Sarajevo and Kuala Lumpur

? Socialist Party Group, debate for State Police new law

? Democratic Party leader Lulzim Basha: The deal with CEZ, scandal of the century”

? Minister of Energy, Damian Gjiknuri reaction after DP?s leader accusations


? Bank of Albania is optimistic about the economy of the country

? Economic growth?

? Low inflation and under the objective

? Growth of lending continues to be in negative territory

? Several advices for the government

? The first 300 days of the Albanian government in the focus of experts and former ministers

? Basha: 300 days of failure in the economy

? IMF and INSTAT figures

? Bode: Investments have significantly fallen

? Is there growth or not?

? Lending is not growing, deposits yes

? Spaho: Taxes went up, revenues fell

? Florion Mima: The removal of the flat tax was a mistake

? Ruli: More attention must be paid to rural areas

? Tabaku: Employment is an important problem

? Zhilla: Careful with the drastic suspension of economic schemes

? Small businesses: Turnover has fallen

? Currency values today


? Two Albanians and a Turkish national die in a power plant in Albania

? Vice chairman of the Supreme Council of Justice accused of abusing with properties amounting to 100 million Euros

? Italy, 3 tons of drugs coming from Albania seized

? Two people arrested for robbery in Vlore


? A poll results for the territorial reform government project

? Pope Francis agenda published by Catholic Church

? Crashes between Polis residents and police in Librazhd

? Albania and Greece, attracts Macedonian tourists


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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