AINA TIR-FAX, July 29, 2014



? There?s no economic freedom without legal security

? US Ambassador, Alexander Arvizu: Territorial reform to be praised

? Democratic Party holds the Albanian Economic roundtable


? Informality boost prices in tourism sector

? Former Prime Minister Niko Peleshi: We are resisting without raising prices

? Minister of Energy Damian Gjiknuri: Pressure for the energy price

? Fasson industry supports the increase of exports

? Legalization process closed in the 300 future days

? Currency values today


? Tirana, truck capsizes, three people injured

? 18 kg gold stolen in jewelry store in ?Malsi e Madhe?, one remained killed by robbers


? ?Albanian Government shall ask the World Bank to change its safeguard policies for women and LGBT people?

? Safeguards without teeth

? Keeping up the promise

? Matura exams shed light on deficiencies of the teaching process

? Minister of Education and Sports: Fictive schools which
distributed diplomas to be closed

? Qazim Sejdini, Mayor of Municipality in Elbasan against economic aid platform

? Ministry of Interior ?Census in Lazarat? plan-project to be implemented

? Albanian politicians congratulate Albanian Muslim devotees

? US President Barack Obama wished a happy Bayram to Albanian President Bujar Nishani

? Territorial division causes protest in some communes and municipalities


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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