AINA TIR-FAX, June 30, 2014



? EC president Hose Manuel Barroso: After the status there must be reforms

Barroso at the Albanian Assembly, after IMF and WB even EU will support financially

? President of Republic Bujar Nishani awarded Barroso with ?National Flag?

? De-politicization and empowerment of the entire election administration is needed

? German Chancellor, Angela Merkel about Albania

? Moral rivalry at the DP Sali Berisha versus Lulzim Basha

? EU-Albanian first agreement

? PM Edi Rama announced his official visit in Serbia

? Head of Albania State Police Artan Didi in Prizren

? Greek Foreign Minister, Evangelos Venizelos: Albania must implement the strategy for the sea


? TAP requires energy cooperators

? Currency values today


? Banker murder, two cousins from Lezha left in prison

? 650 kg cannabis sequestered and 2 detainees in Lazarat


? Mob style killing of a businessman in Albania shows the consequences of the crisis

? 150 school textbooks removed from the market

? NUCI, 19 illegal constructions to be demolished in Vlore

? Subvention process ends in Fier, 680 farmers applied

? Wheat production is halved in Debar

? The register of electronic health

? Bus lines, categories that travel for free will have to pay


? ?Miss Albania 2014? crowned, she will represent the country in ?Miss Globe 2014?


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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Albanian Independent News Agency is very successful and moves forward with secure steps in the wild competitiveness of the media.

General Director of AINA TIR-FAX.

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