AINA TIR-FAX, May 31, 2014



? Commission results: Evidence for drug traffic from Gjader dated from 2012/ 2013

? The Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not sue at Prosecution the sea negotiators

? PM Edi Rama withdraws from draft law for Higher Education

? Ombudsman: Government should have an open Institutional dialogue with political prisoner strikers

? Gramoz Ruci met Social-Democrat leader at the CoE

? Mimi Kodheli: Moore regrets the opposition behavior


? Loan of 100 mln USD

? Albania comprises the last place for insurances in the region

? Basha shows to the WB the negative indicators of the economy

? Forgiven fines, Paskali: The business will reinvest

? Currency values today


? Confession of the elderly: I killed my daughter because she embarrassed me

? A ton of drugs coming from Albania seized in Italy

? Anti-Narcotic police operation in Tepelene, 8 people remained handcuffed


? Tahiri in Dropull: Monitoring from air, intervention where hashish will be detected

? No meter of territory will remain out of control for drugs

? The laid off on their 11th day of the hunger strike

? Cuci requisition: New territorial division is approved

? PM Edi Rama: Argirocastra reviving, a new chapter is blooming

? Haxhinasto inspected Shengjin Harbor


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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