AINA TIR-FAX, May 30, 2014



? Berisha replicates with the American embassy

? Edi Rama: 99% of MEPs don?t know what the EU candidate status is

? Rama and Meta: New phase for Albania

? PM Edi Rama: New evidence for drug traffic

? Ermonela Felaj: Allegations for drug traffic against Armed Forces is to be clarified tomorrow

? Mimi Kodheli attended the forum ?to be secure? in Budva, Montenegro

? Former political prisoners against government

? Enno Bozdo: Government ignores citizens


? Fullani: Bank of Albania reduces the basic interest rate by 2, 5%

? Highways to be privatized in Albania

? Formalization of tourism enhances the quality of services

? World Bank project for Durres

? Albanian real payments started to drop since 2008

? Currency values today


? Police conducts an anti-narcotics operation in Kurvelesh, residents open fire

? Dritan Dajti lights fire to his cell

? Durres, 54 year old arrested for being seized in possession of 160 kg of drugs


? Cooperation with the Montenegrin police for the tourist season

? Money of the former political prisoners

? 9 floor illegal building demolished in Durres

? Tirana University against Government?s new draft law for Higher Education system

? Former firefighters and former police officers on protest

? PM Rama: Draft law for Higher Education should be comprehensive


? Ismail Kadare very first novel on the market


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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