AINA TIR-FAX, April 29, 2014



? Albania, Balkan and the recovery of Greece

? Meta: Recovery of Greece is very important for Albania; Kosovo is part of the integrating process

? Meimarakis: Integration of the Balkan in the EU, only if relations between neighboring countries are normal

? Albanian President: We expect justice on Kareli

? Opposition recalls the Tchams to the speaker of Greek parliament, it also demands the recognition of Kosovo

? Prime Minister Edi Rama: Free legalization for all

? DP: Man convicted for bribery appointed teacher of a high school

? Croatia supports Albanian?s EU Candidacy

? Vice mayor of the Municipality Enno Bozdo: PM Rama is holding a campaign against Municipality


? Governor of BoA Ardian Fullani: Greater transparence in the banking system

? German ambassador in Albania Helmut Hoffman: The economic situation better than in 2013

? IMF: Economic growth, 2.1%, better than last year

? PM Edi Rama: New pension scheme

? Minister of Energy and Industry Damian Gjiknuri: Energy to make Albania-Kosovo borders disappear

? Currency values today


? After the assassination attmept, family of Fatbardh Plaku under protection by police

? TNT exploded a vehicle in Bulqize

? 700 kg narcotics headed to Greece


? Reform in education system

? 3 months without economic aid, 400 families in Lezha ask for urgent solution

? Students of International University of Tirana in protest in front of Ministry of Education


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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