AINA TIR-FAX, April 07, 2014



? DP: Rama played the ?black comedy? in Vlore

? DP leader, Lulzim Basha: The right is the alternative of the EU

? Ben Blushi, a forecast for the years to come in Albania

? Pessimistic thoughts on the next 100 years of the year

? What inequality Albania has!

? We will enter the EU, but the cost remains a mystery

? PM Edi Rama in Vlore: ?new standard in governance?

? Debates over Audiovisual Media Authority agency head dismissal in Media Commission

? New draft approved: 10-15 years of imprisonment for Albanian fighters in Syria war


? Facilities for the fassons

? First signs of economy recovery in Albania

? ?Arbri? highway construction with concession from Chinese companies

? Currency values today


? Vlore, 10 emigrants seized from Eritea

? Fushe-Kruje, explosives` trader seized

? Vlora Police managed to sequester 2 tons drug of cannabis kind


? Social houses, vice mayor of Tirana municipality Eno Bozdo: Requests are being examined, money to be distributed soon

? World famous soprano brings back massive public in the Opera of Tirana

? Rama: Gratitude and veneration for the Albanian diva of the World Opera

? Ilir Beqaj, Minister of Health: Albanian South Coast to be cleaned

? Alcohol addiction among the youth is increasing


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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