AINA TIR-FAX, March 31, 2014



? Albania 5 years in the NATO, Rama: A merit goes to all political parties

? EU believes in Albanian self management of project financings

? DP leader, Lulzim Basha: Government is experiencing the most spectacular failure in the Albanian economy

? DP: Government should shed light upon the execution of the Albanian in the Greek prison

? Bujar Nishani, sent a thank you letter to USA President Obama due to Albanian 5th anniversary membership in NATO

? Xhonatan More, the Chairman for South-Central European Affairs at the State Department in Tirana

? Territorial reform, Vasili: Opposition is boycotting irrationally


? High fares in civil aviation, Haxhinasto: We will eliminate monopolies

? Business forum with Brazilian entrepreneurs over possible investments in Albania

? Road projects prolonged due to lack of funds

? ?Cleansing? of the lost loans from the banks` balance sheets

? Currency values today


? Searches start for the 18 year old missing boy in Erzen canyons

? HIDAA files charges for three public officials

? Road accident in road axes Shkoder-Hani Hotit, 2 people injured


? Krraba closes; drivers should cross the old street

? Autistic Children treatment in need for specialized centers

? Mobility Fair ?Made in Albania? in 6 districts

? Albania-Macedonia, cooperation agreement between tourism agencies of both countries


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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