AINA TIR-FAX, March 03, 2014



? EU presence ambassador in Albania, Ettore Sequi: Integration needs steps and not words in vain

? Covenant of Lezha, Ilir Meta: We should assist integration process together as one

? Phone-tapping scandal: The State Intelligence Service (SIS) head faces both dismissal and criminal charges

? Amnesty draft law to be discussed by the Law Commission


? Debt to pay debt, is the agreement coming at the right time for Albania?

? The details of the agreement

? Lipton: Economic improvement is expected, debt must be reduced

? Minister of Economy: The start of economic spring for Albania

? Minister of Finance: We will start to pay off debts

? Head of IMF mission for Albania: There must fiscal order

? Why is Albania suffering a crisis?

? DP: Agreement with the IMF, the government must show responsibility

? Advantages of the interconnection

? Loan drops

? The incomes in the budget

? Currency values today


? Elbasan, 6 persons arrested for guns trafficking

? Woman aged 72 wounded by stray bullet

? 4 young people stabbed in Durres

? 500 kg of marijuana seized in Argirocastro, 2 detained

? 49 suspects under arrest as result of undertaken Police super-operation


? Protests at the Greek consulate in Gjirokaster: Southern Albania, from Preveza to Yoannina

? Tirana, false alarm near the English embassy

? The affected from swine flu, doctors: The number is higher than the official statistics

? Erion Veliaj: No economic assistance without professional training

? Drug substances abuse in schools, effects on schooling

? Gezim Kalaja, chairman of the Union of Independent in Albania: Protest in front of Assembly on Thursday


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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