AINA TIR-FAX, February 27, 2014



? Fule to visit Tirana next Thursday

? Preparations before the status

? Zaganjori meeting with the delegation of the Kosovo General Prosecution

? Parliament engulfed by discussions, opposition boycotts Parliament

? USA Vice/Ambassador in Vlora, is acquainted with war against narcotics trafficking

? Strengthening of the Justice system, Naco: Transparency and low rate of corruption on Justice System


? PM Rama tells investors that they have paid the ?corruption tax?

? Albanian economy performing below its potential

? Forecasts for the upcoming year

? Albanian productions, accrediting of the Institute of Food Safety

? Ferries fares

? Abusive beneficiaries of Economy aid in Argirocastro

? Currency values today


? Man, 25, arrested in Mat for possessing TNT, guns and drugs

? Man, 52, found dead at ?Liqeni i Thate?

? Police provides images of the perpetrator of Wednesday’s TNT explosion

? 215 kg marijuana seized in Igumenice, 1 was put under arrest


? Flu viruses fill the hospitals

? Protest in front of the Parliament

? Vans` drivers to protest in Tirana on Friday, Union: We will block the main road axis

? Minister of Education and Sports, Lindita Nikolla: State Matura to undergo deep reform

? Corruption on driving license, Haxhinasto: Procedures to be changed


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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