AINA TIR-FAX, November 30, 2013



? Ndoka: SP ruined the pact in 2011

? DP: Rama should apologize to Albanians

? DP appeals at the Constitutional Court

? Youth European Parliament in Tirana


? Massive production of Albanian produces leads to cheaper consumer prices

? Euro strengthens against ALL, USD preserves its stability

? Stability in the price of fuels

? Deloitte is expected to hand in the report on the debt toward businesses

? Currency values today


? 84 year old man hit to death by a car in Lushnja

? 3.5 kg heroine seized in Fier, 60 kg cannabis seized in Lushnje


? “Bajram Cela? Street Inauguration, Bozo: Municipality of Tirana turn promises into action

? 20 years without a market in Lushnja

? Prohibited burials, private property


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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