AINA TIR-FAX, October 7, 2013



? Premier Rama: Health service on a need to receive basis

? Democrats criticize Rama?s plan for free health service

? Former PM Berisha receives a letter from US President Obama

? Minister of Justice receives the Spanish ambassador

? Law committee approves the bill on the measures against funding of terrorism

? Minister of Integration receives Polish ambassador

? Minister Panariti in Rome, Da Silva: There will soon be a FAO office in Albania

? Mediu: There must be reorganization in the right wing


? Konfindustria: The debt has incurred extra costs, it must be paid along with interest rates

? Inflation at 1.7%, price increases focused on food

? Basha holds a meeting with the representatives of the Albanian-American board

? Three concessionary agreements annulled on hydro power plants

? Gjika: The payment of the debts of businesses would revive the economy

? Nishani: The government should subsidize farmers

? Currency values today


? Justice fails, no more advocates for Dritan Hajti

? Father bitten for not allowing son to cultivate narcotics, 21 year old declared wanted

? Two high officials remain in prison for corruption

? 87 year old homeless dies in park

? Shoots against the vehicle of the MP Sadri Abazi

? Tepelena, two elderly brothers robbed in the village of Arrez e Madhe


? The process of accreditation irreversible

? Nikolla: We should fight crisis with knowledge

? Beqja: Health system needs a recovery

? The new academic year starts

? Shalsi: Divide the recycling waste

? Municipality of Berat allows illegal constructions in museum areas


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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